Frequently Asked Questions &
House Rules

To make your experience at the Tors as enjoyable and safe as possible, we ask that you please observe the following rules

We thank you for your co-operation in anticipation!

Start times are as advertised.

We try to screen the movie as close to the advertised time as possible with ads and previews screened prior to start time.

If you are late, please dim your lights and take it slowly when driving in to show consideration to your fellow patrons.   

The nights we open vary, so please check the dates under the “Now Showing” and “Coming Soon” tabs.  The dates are listed within the inner section in chronological order.

Payment Methods


At this stage we do not accept Card/EFTPOS payments.
This keeps prices low and moves traffic through quickly.  It also avoids disappointment in the case of internet failure/interruption.  Despite having a booster and expensive internet connections, this is an ongoing issue.


Children 3 years and under are free – applicable to both screens.


Concession tickets include Children, Students, Pensioners (aged/disabled), Seniors and Defence Force/Services.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

Please be assured that we practice safe hygiene and cleanliness when handling cash at both the ticket box and in the cafe.  

Proof of purchase

Please keep your ticket/s with you in case proof of payment is required.


We don’t issue refunds once the movie starts unless there are extreme circumstances that require it.  Any refunds will be given at management’s discretion.

* Please note that the advertised prices are for normal programming and may vary for special events or movie marathons,

Switching Screens

Please do not switch cinema screens.

Make your choice before driving in to your chosen field.  All movies are subject to separate copyright licensing when shown publicly, and most of our ticket sales go back to the studios.  That’s how movies are financed.

If you wish to see movies in both fields, you will need to purchase two tickets, otherwise it is theft.  Two tickets here usually costs less than entrance to one movie in a city cinema anyway!

Those caught sneaking in to see movies they haven’t paid to see will be required to purchase ticket/s for the relevant field or asked to leave.

When you don’t pay for movies you’re not only stealing from us, but also those we employ and support through our business.  Then there’s the billions employed in the movie industry worldwide – tradies, cleaners, waiters and minimum wage earners far removed from the glamour of Hollywood’s top earners.  Movies are so imbedded in our culture that we tend to take the joy they bring us for granted.  It’s easy to forget that they are a product that usually cost hundreds millions of dollars to make and studios earn considerable revenue from cinemas.  If studios don’t get a return on their investment, then new movies won’t be made for us and future generations to enjoy.  

We love what we do and keep our prices low so that patrons can afford a night out at the movies often. 

We appreciate your co-operation.

We still screen in rainy weather, unless it is unsafe to do so.  

Refunds aren’t issued unless safety is a concern, or other issues arise.

Outside Food

No outside food please. Like our admission, our cafe prices are low and good sales are needed to keep the drive-in alive.  Most of our ticket sales go back to the studios.  What’s left rarely covers our operating expenses and neither the golden arches or the Colonel pay our huge overheads!

You may appreciate the challenges of keeping a drive-in cinema open in a small town when you consider that nearby Townsville had 3 drive-ins, which the last of closed years ago.  Charters Towers is the smallest town to have an independently owned and operated commercial drive-in theatre.

We support fellow local businesses who, like us, also employ locals and sponsor events and are the backbone of small communities.


The use of barbecues/grills is prohibited by management.

Food intolerances/requirements

We do exempt those with specific food intolerances/requirements. However we also cater for some special needs and carry GF meals and snacks that may not be on the menu, so please feel free to ask.  

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the main auditorium/common areas as per government guidelines. At this stage, we can allow smokers to use the parkland at the back of the ramps (as stipulated by management).

If unsure, please ask.

Please use our bins to dispose of butts.

No illegal substances may be brought onto the premises.

Please use the bins provided to dispose of rubbish, or take it with you.

Speed Limit

Please drive slowly and carefully on the premises – 5km/hour.

How to Park

Each bay between the speaker poles allow for 2 vehicles, so please do not park in the middle of a bay.  Higher vehicles/SUVs/Campers etc. please park on the back row to avoid blocking the view of cars behind you. Smaller vehicles to the front for the best view of the screen.

Please park beside the speaker pole to leave adequate room for others.

Please keep hatches low, and raised no higher than the roof.  If you need assistance or guidance, please don’t hesitate to ask management.

Please turn off your engine, lights and air-conditioning when parked to avoid polluting the air and disturbing others.

No-one is allowed to sit on top of their vehicle because it’s unsafe to do so, and blocks the view of other patrons.

Walk-ins, bicycles and motorbikes are most welcome. We have seating available in both fields.

Safety Rules

We love seeing kids enjoy a night out at the movies.  But for their own safety above all else, please supervise children in your care at all times. We do not tolerate running, or wild behaviour.

Please look out for little ones when entering the drive-in.

No-one is allowed to sit on top of their vehicle, and of course this includes children.

Laser pointers are prohibited.

Please wear shoes when walking on the property/stepping outside your car for your own safety.  Thongs/flip flops are fine, as long as you have some protection on your feet.

Pets are very welcome as long as they are restrained, quiet, and no mess is left behind.

Some people are uncomfortable around animals, especially those they don’t know.  So please keep pets with you in/near your vehicle, and do not bring them up to the cafe or toilets.

FM Radio Stations

Screen 1: 90.5 FM
Screen 2: 88.5 FM

You may tune into our FM stations through your car radio.  Please be aware that this may flatten your battery, especially if other devices are charging at the same time. Some people bring their own radio/stereos to avoid this problem, or you can use our speakers.

Please contact management if your battery does go flat and you require assistance.  We are very happy to help, and will try to get you on the road again!


Our speakers are serviced regularly, so you have the choice to use those if preferred. You simply wind down the window and hook the speaker on it, or on your chair if you’re sitting outside your car.

Please be sure to exercise care and consideration when using them, and place the speaker back on its’ pole before you leave.

Speakers are not souvenirs to be taken home as a memento. That is theft and punishable by law. Anyone found attempting to steal property of any description will be asked to leave without a refund and charges of theft will apply.

If a speaker doesn’t work, please advise management or the cafe staff so that we know to repair it.

Please feel free to share your pics of your night at the drive-in with us and we may feature them on our socials.  Get your photo artistic on! #experiencetorsdrivein

However, please do not photograph, video or record the movies playing on the screen.

Recording movies in theatres is a serious copyright infringement and attracts severe penalties.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone. Disruptive, loud or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. Those who disturb the peace will be asked to leave.  We will not hesitate to contact the police if necessary.

You can purchase pre paid tickets for gifts.  Please contact us to make arrangements.  Either phone 074787 1086 or email

Drive-ins aren’t suited to online bookings, so this isn’t something we currently offer or insist on.  We have plenty of room, so please just turn up and pay on the night.  We advise arriving early to get the spot you want – especially if you’re travelling.  

Please note that we are a cash only venue.

The drive-in is certainly available for private functions. We’ve hosted all sorts of celebrations and special occasions here – Christmas and birthday parties, work socials, other celebrations and fundraisers. The Tors has even been hired for private date nights and special proposals!  We do require advance notice as the screens are programmed months ahead.

The ratings/classification are included with our movie listings.  Please note that by law children can not be admitted to (R) rated movies.  They must be accompanied by an adult to gain entry to (MA) movies.

Aside from legal restrictions, the classifications are there to advise and guide patrons as to suitability.  You can search for further details from the Australian Classification site regarding the ratings on films at:

We are not zoned for camping, so we can’t offer this to our patrons.  

Should you wish to stay the night Charters Towers has some great choices from family friendly camping to luxurious, kid-free zone resort style accommodation.  There are plenty of options within walking distance from us, and the rest are only a short drive away. 

Affordable Gold City Motel:

Aussie Oasis Big 4:

Cattleman’s Rest Motor Inn:

Charters Towers Motel:

Charters Towers Tourist Park:

Country Road Motel:

Dalrymple Tourist Van Park: 

Heritage Lodge Motel:

Hillview Motel:

Kernow Charters Towers:

The Park Motel:

Should you have any queries or issues please contact us or chat to management on the night.